You're Killing Me Smalls!

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I gotta say… This is definitely The Best summer I have ever had. If I could relive the last couple of months, I would. :) Going on vacations with family was pretty awesome. Hanging out or just seeing Jaime everyday was pretty cool. Exploring and seeing new places was fascinating! This summer was damn near perfect for me and I will never forget it. :D

Hopefully next year can top this one!

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You can talk to me when you actually miss me as a person. Not my actions.

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Anonymous asked: In time, you will remind yourself and promise to keep on reminding that you are worth so much more than you think you are. Trust.

Okay. (‘:
Come off Anon! Please.

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Anonymous asked: You're not worthless and weak. To cry is to show that you're okay with not being okay. To be able to expose yourself emotionally through the physical appearance of tears is one of the strongest objectives anyone can ever accomplish. People hold in the tears not because they are strong, but because they do not want to feel. But to let out the tears confined with your emotions, that takes courage. You are bold. You are courageous. You are gorgeous. Never. Let. Yourself. Down. Promise?

Thank you Anon. Really, thank you for taking your time and typing that out. It means a lot.

But I don’t want to make a Promise that I cannot keep…